Central Units


Station Central Unit CU Tm 4304

In accordance with operator consoles types, there are the following central units:

  • Central unit for 41 programmable line terminals, CU Tm 4301-41
  • Central unit for 20 programmable line terminals, CU Tm 4304-20
  • Central unit for 14 programmable line terminals, CU Tm 4304-14
Central unit CU Tm 4304-41
Dispatching Central Control Unit DCU Tm 4304
This unit is intended for operating in traffic remote control centre, as well as in electric traction remote control centre. It enables connection up to 300 selective telephone terminals and 16 line terminals on operator console. Control unit can be applied in existing railway line telephone systems on the main arterial routs in Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia which are made in relay technology i.e. it can substitutes complete dispatching equipment.